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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 17, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 a baltimore man is dead this morning, after collapsing while training to become a city police officer. officer.megan gilliland is live from city police headquarters with more on the warning signs that might have led to his mysterious death. death.good morning patrice, 29-year-old gilnord charles had hopes of becoming a baltimore city police officer... but on friday morning, he died unexpecedly trying to persue his dream. dream.he was taking a fitness test at the training facility in northwest baltimore... when police say he collapsed after finishing a one-and-a-half mile run.we're told the two other people taking the test tried to help charles.he was rushed to sinai hospital and pronounced dead.charles leaves behind his wife, a 16-month old son and a new baby girl.
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32:07 he found the love of his life and he started a family and all he wanted to do is provide for them 14 3307 i know they're really young, so i hope through us through our family he can live on in their lives and be present even though he's not physically here any more 19 19charles was a senior airman in the air force... and recently completed bootcamp down in texas. but just before bootcamp, his family says he collapsed one night after getting out of bed. they say, doctors ran countless tests... but couldn't find anything wrong. now his family says, maybe that should have been a warning sign. the police department says the application process is standard... and they have no plans of changing it. megan gilliland, fox45 mornign news. firefighters battle a blaze in the city overnight. a vacant house caught fire on mccabe avenue at craig avenue in north baltimore just before 3 this firefighter
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was injured.. but it was not connected to the word yet on a cause. five men are stabbed at a sportsplex in montgomery county. county. police were called to the center in rockville at about 1 o'clock sunday morning. when they arrived, they spotted a car leaving the parking lot. inside were five men ... each of whom had been stabbed. they were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the men all refused to give their names to police and were uncooperative in the innestigation. the death penalty could soon be back on the table in marylan. maryland.maryland's senate president says he plans on pushing to resume use of the death penalty during this current session of the state legislature . the death penalty was halted in december 2006... until new prodecures are developed... and senate president mike miller says allowing the issue to sit is making a mockery of the legislative process.but even if the death penalty becomes an option again.. governor o'malley still has clemency power.. ans says he will decide whether to commute death sentences on a case by
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case basis. the nation.. and baltimore.. will honor doctor martin luther king junior...with a day of service. service. today.. governor martin o'malley and lieutenant governor anthony brown will announce the events you can participate in.. on this "2011 day of service."it's all a part of the "we are one maryland campaign."parishoners at all saints roman catholic church in northwest baltimore started the celebration early.. with a special mass honoring doctor king on sunday. this is the 31st year the church has held the memorial mass. 3 3 3 "celebrate a great man who fought for civil rights no only blacks, but for all people" people" martin luther king was born january 15th 19-29. he would have been 82. --drumming nats-- nats-- baltimore's annual martin luther king day parade steps off today at noon. like last year's parade seen here... it will have everything from marching
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bands to floats and more. the parade route begins at the intersection of martin luther king junior boulevard and eutaw street. fox45 is a proud sponsor of the event.later.. on this morning's hometown hotspot.. we take you live to the parade route as they prepare the floats for the big event. 3 in honor of martin luther king junior day...most schools will be closed today. all government offices .. banks and post offices are also closed for the day. stay tuned to fox45 morning news for continuing coverage of martin luther king day.the chairman of the governor's commission on african american history joins us live in studio.. with more on how you can honor dr. king's legacy.. with a day of service.that's coming up in our 6 o'clock hour. you might think they make your kids happy.. but it turns out.. video games.. could ead to depression.a new study published by the american academy of pediatrics shows excessive gaming may lead to depression, anxiety, and poor grades. researchers found
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that almost nine percent of children they studied were "addicted" to video games. overall, those considered "pathological" gamers displayed higher levels of depression and other mental pealth issues than their peers. experts recommend no more than one hour of screen time a day for elementary schoolers. 3 it's been 48 hours but the sting of losing to the steelers on saturday still remains. the ravens season is over after a heartbreaking 31-24 loss in pit. pittsburgh. after falling behind 7-0, the ravens stormed back, with ray rice capping off this long drive with a 14 yard run, and tying the game at 7. then, after leading 14-7, the ravens get a fumble recovery and quickly turn it into more points. this 4 yard pass to todd heap makes it 21-7. many fans are thinking about the afc championship.... but these
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are the steelers, so they come back after some ravens second half turnovers, it's tied at 24 when ben roethlesburger throws this long pass down inside the 10... they would score a touchdown after that. which means the ravens need to score a touchdown too.... but on fourth and 18, t.j. houshmanzadeh drops this pass that would have been a first down. ravens lose to the steelers 31-24. ray rice1:07 you wish the tables were turned. i just think as long as the ravens and steelers are in the same division you're going to have these kind of games, cause the teams are so similar. hats off to them. i hope they go win it all. that's right, ray rice says he's now rooting for the steelers to win the super bowl.. that is just one of many topics to discuss with fans as we try to move on after another tough loss to the steelers. joel d. smith is live at what fans are going to do on sunday ow? good morning joel d. 3
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3 3 coming up on the early edition... a medical mira.
5:40 am life is changed .....for me my life is changed" the new technology that lets the handicapped.. walk again. are taking a live look of the beltway in baltimore county.crews are on the scene of an accident on the inner loop lanes near perring parkway,.i'll show you what 95 looks like coming up in the traffic edge report. 3 éxépú
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fox45 is
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stepping up to keep you better . informed. we are expanding our morning news coverage. starting monday, january 24th.. fox45 news will be on from 5 a-m to 10 a-m. we're calling the new 9 a-m hour.. good day b! baltimore! and to celebrate good day baltimore.. we're giving away an i-pad. all next week.. go to our facebook page.. to find out the phrase of the day. then at some point between 9 and 10.. we'll open the phone lines. the first person to give us the correct phrase will win a best buy giit card.. and qualify for the i-pad. coming up... a new life for the wheelchair- bound. life is changed .....for me my life is changed" the technology that lets them 3q experts from a leading consumer publication recently tested automatic dishwashing detergents. they rated finish quantum number one,
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beating the competition ! try finish quantum for amazing clean and shine. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. more than fifteen hundred years since
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the invention of the wheel chair, there is new hope for the paralyzed.thanks to a new machine.. they can walk again. the "rewalk" has just received f-d-a approval -- and as leland vittert tells us.. soon it will help wounded american soldiers get back on their feet. feet. few things change one's life like a spinal cord injurya?&just ask radi kaiuf the former israeli paratrooper was paralyzed by a sniper bullet in his lower back-they said he would never
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walk again. now 20 years later his life has changed again. kaiuf says "..i never think i'll walk...only in my dream i walk" its not a dreama?&its called the rewalk---mechanical legs attached to a back pack battery system that allows a paralyzed patient to walk all day. kaiuf says " now, i don't feel my legs. the legs i don't feel, the machine is walking. the developers had to strike a balance between the man and the machine - the machine has to move the man but the man has to control the machinevittert says " is how it works: take the remote put it in walk mode, when the user leans forward it takes a step. take the lean away - it stops walking."kaiuf says " daughter never seen me stand, the first time i me, 3 father you're tall.....for me its very is changed .....for me my life is changed" in a way he never thought it jerusalem, leland vittert, fox news. coming up in our 6 3
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vittert, fox news.jerusalem, leland would. in jerusalem, leland vittert, fox news. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... beat the chill.. and stay indoors. nats nats the d-v-d's hitting store shelves this week... you can
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cozy up with. with.and next.. the ravens fall short in pittsburgh.what went wrong.. in the playoff nail-biter against the steelers. ((break 3)) 3 [ male announcer ] you can start a movie in here... ♪ ...then continue it over here... ♪ ...and finish it up here. perfect for anyone whose life never pauses. for the first time you're free to access the movies you buy on demand on all your devices, when you're on a more advanced network. fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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fios. a network ahead. elaine carries her purple pride with her everywhere she goes.she sent in this picture of a handmade ravens purse she made.
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no matter where you're from...we're looking for all of you ravens fans to send us in photos showing off your "purple pride". go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the community features section. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... honoring dr. king's leg. legacy.we made some level groundnow we're moving on down. down.the events.. going on in our area.. on this martin luther king dayy day.
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